Welcome to club Aikido Ten Chi!

The club of Ten-Chi we we have over 25 years help You to learn Aikido regardless of your age and fitness level. A unique method of teaching allows you to study Aikido to men, women and children of all ages.

Additional classes in Ten-Chi

Club Aikido Ten Chi develops and study of Japanese culture and traditions, so we invite You to classes on Japanese calligraphy and the Japanese language.
We also invite You to attend different types of dance, from classical dance, ending with directions belly dance and lezginka.

Teng-Chi dojo with you for 25 years!

We work and continually developed since 1992

From the day of occurrence, the club is supervised Sihani the world centre of Aikido Aikikai Hombu Dojo.

During its existence the club has organized and conducted more than twenty
training and certification of international seminars under the leadership of Shihans such as
Yasunari Kitaura, Shigeru Sugawara, Eiji Katsurada. 

To date, Ten Chi dojo involved more than 200 children and over 100 adult students
among which 2 pupils reached level 4 Dana, 8 students 3 Dana
9 students are given 2 and 24 students – the first was given.

Being an organizer of a large number of demonstration performances at various events and
festivals - Ten Chi dojo of his activity not only contributes to spiritual development, moral education and technical training of the members of the club, but popularitywith Aikido in our city.

Children's summer camp Ten-Chi on the black sea coast

to Combine the pleasant with the useful.
Rest and exercise for children and adults.

Summer camp organised for adults and children starting from 7-8 years of age.

In the program of summer camp included:

- accommodation in a comfortable hotel and 3 meals a day;
workout 2 times a day in the open air in a specially equipped room;
- the beach and the sea morning and evening;
- sightseeing activities and game programs.

We invite you to spend your summer holidays and get a lot of positive impressions
health and to increase skill level on the Mat!

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