Aikido for children


Since the founding of the “Ten-Chi" the dojo is one of the main directions of our activity was work with children and adolescents. Today our club has more than 20 years of practice of carrying out occupations of Aikido in children, starting from 6 years of age.

Aikido for kids

Children's groups are formed not only by age but also by level of achievement that allows you to do Aikido for children the most effective. On this basis, we have developed a curriculum that enables children to systematically attain levels of skill. A gradual increase of the dynamics of the classroom, grading levels (Kyu), the promotion of diplomas and certificates give the child the incentive to study this art.

We try to make exercise not only healthy, but interesting children from 6 to 14 years.

Also, except for work on a regular basis “Ten-Chi" of dojo in Saint-Petersburg we have the opportunity to organize the annual summer training camp on the black sea coast in Bulgaria, where children 21 day of not only rest and gain strength and undergo a cycle of intense workouts.

The tradition, the classical approach to the study of Aikido has earned the approval and encouragement of the world centre of Aikido Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan since the founding, and throughout our activities provides us with support and assistance in the study of this martial art.



Aikido for young children 

And now some simple tips for those who decided to bring her baby.

Bringing your child to training Aikido for kids, you should know that in order to not injured, but rather strengthened, become more healthy, balanced and strong, the classes must be taken seriously.

Before joining the Aikido club for a lesson, you must set the child to practice, the fact that he listened attentively to the instructor and tried to fulfill all that is demanded of him, not amused.


Aikido for kids small 


After a workout, be sure to ask him that today is passed, ask to see. Be sure to communicate with the instructor, ask about how behaved your child is, what he does, that there is counsel about what you can do to learning was more successful. Instructors are always open to working with parents and can give valuable advice.


Benefits of Aikido for children? 


Physical benefits of Aikido is to relax the body and development of flexibility of the body. This martial art helps the work of all organs, develops coordination of movement and endurance that is extremely important for the physical development of children and adolescents. 


Also, Aikido affects the nature of many children and adolescents, as noted by the many statistical studies. Parents report that their child from a passive into a more active and purposeful man, which is important for the formation and identity formation at this age.


Aikido for kids not only strengthens and develops the body, but also develops the child completing some of the most important tasks. First of all, starting to practice Aikido Your child acquires new social circle, new friends. The guys are all busy with one hobby, share successes and failures and on the background it can really become friends. In such sections, as a rule, children from wealthy families, which is important no less for the parents who care about the environment their child. Experienced instructor for kids ' Aikido teaches children and serves as an example and authority, which also has a positive effect.


Section of Aikido for children is also a philosophy for small, because the Foundation of this martial art included the principle of not attacking first. Attack the enemy, and the one on one attack only translates the energy of the attacker in his own defence. From this follows another important point, what is Aikido for children is simply irreplaceable - your child will learn to defend themselves! Whoever he was, a boy or a girl, this skill will be useful to him in his entire life. Now Your little girl can always stand up for himself, and the boy will not give in!


 Aikido for kids


At what age give in the direction of the Aikido for children?


To achieve a good result in this form of martial arts, experts recommend to enroll a child in a section at an earlier age. Typically, in Aikido give children from a young age (4-6 years) and older (7 to 13 years). Our club takes children in section 6.


In our club Aikido are from the age of six. Have enough kids come to us and feel like home: cozy at the club, there are many of their peers, they are happy to meet experts and instructors of the center. 



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